Vegatable Glycerin


Used in body care products and in cosmetics to help attract and retain both moisture and oxygen to the skin. Vegetable Glycerin is a natural emollient which has a cooling effect on the skin. It is also softening as it helps the epidermis retain moisture. Vegetable Glycerin is a common and important ingredient in many soaps and skin care products. It is used in shampoos, herbal remedies, toothpaste, soap and pharmaceuticals. Due to being soluble in both alcohol and water it has become very popular and continues to increase in popularity in the manufacturing sector.

Vegetable Glycerin for Hair

One of vegetable glycerin's most notable roles is as a humectant. Humectants are used in products to attract and retain moisture, resulting in supple and resilient hair that looks and feels full. Because vegetable glycerin pulls water from its surroundings, it is an effective moisturizer when used in a diluted form. It is especially good for dry, frizzy or brittle hair.

Shelf Life: up to 5 year, store in an airtight container away from direct sunlight

INCI: Vegetable glycerin