Pracaxi Oil



Our Pracaxi Oil is wild crafted from the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Pracaxi Oil comes from the Pracaxi Tree also known as the oil tree. It has the highest percentage of behenic oil for this reason it's used quite often as a hair conditioner. In addition to the high level of vitamins and nutrients makes it an exceptional oil for skin conditions.

 Pracaci Oil for Skin

Pracaxi Oil has been used in the rainforest for centuries as a treatment for stretchmarks, insect bites, sores, and hyper pigmentation. The oil is fairly new to the American cosmetics market but it's benefits have shown to be very beneficial. In the Amazon Jungle Pracaxi oil is known as "sutura da mata" (jungle suture) due to its high capacity of speeding the healing of the skin tissue after cuts and scratches.

Pracaxi Oil for Hair

Pracaxi Oil has been traditionally used by natives in the rainforest as a detangler  making hair easier to comb and strengthen the hair shaft. Pracaxi oil also helps to moisturize and soften hair giving it a nice conditioned feel.

Pracaxi Oil is  a great hair treatment for dry dull hair and frizzy hair as it smoothes the hair cuticle making it shiny. 

Shelf life: 12-24 months, store in an airtight container away from direct sunlight.

INCI: Pentaclethra macroloba seed  Oil


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