Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Extra virgin olive oil is extracted from olives by mechanical or other methods which do not modify its basic properties. This results in a completely natural product which maintains the taste plus chemical and biological characteristics of the olive. Once the flesh of the olives are pressed, the resulting oil is centrifuged and filtered for clarity. The oil obtained at the very beginning of this pressing is known as extra virgin oil or first pressing.

Olive Oil Benefits

Olive oil is not only a fantastic for skin but also contains potent antioxidants and is an anti-inflammatory. Due to this, it helps to condition skin, promoting a radiant complexion and is able to help skin and maintain its elasticity. It is great for dry skin, mature skin and irritated or itching skin. It is also very good at conditioning nails and cuticles as well as the scalp and hair, adding a healthy shine. It can be used to help decrease stretch marks Olive oil is also a fungicidal and an antibacterial.

Olive Oil for Soapmaking

Olive oil has been used in soap making for thousands of years. It makes a very mild soap that is quite soothing to the skin. Even if you have never made soap before, you can make a simple olive oil soap.

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