Castor Oil


Pure Castor Oil is extracted from the castor bean which is native to India and the West Indies. it's known for it's high level fatty acid content and has been used for years for traditional folk remedies.

Castor Oil Benefits
Castor Oil is used in bath oils, perfumes, lipsticks, lotions and face masks. It can also be used in soaps, shampoos and hair conditioners. For hair, the germicidal, fungicidal and insecticidal properties of Castor Oil help to protect the scalp and hair from fungal and microbial infection which are the two main reasons for hair loss. Furthermore rich emollient properties make pure castor oil great for use in skincare applications where it can effectively deeply penetrate the skin to help retain moisture. Another benefit is it's ability to act as a binding agent in certain cosmetic formulations. The fatty acids that it contains also help the scalp retain moisture and helps to prevent drying. It can also be used in massage and aromatherapy.

Castor Oil for Hair

Regular usage of castor oil is purported to increase hair growth, reduce or prevent damage and breakage, treat dry hair conditions, condition and moisturize both hair and scalp. The oil can be used to prevent hair frizz and/or split ends.

Shelf Life - 12 months, store in an airtight container away from moisture and light

INCI: Ricinus communis

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