Bentonite Clay


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Bentonite clay (a combination of montmorillonite and volcanic ash) is a highly absorbent clay best suited for oil skin. It is a fine powder, odorless and tasteless, insoluble in water, swelling to about eight times its weight when water is added.

Bentonite Clay Uses/Benefits

Suspending and colloidal agent in the manufacture of soap, also used in cosmetics and directly on the body as a mask. Bentonite powder is added to soap at trace to help oily skin or as an additive in shaving soap (1T per #of soap).

In masks it's not normally used as the predominant clay due to it's ability to absorb large quantities of water (thus making the mask product take a very long time to dry). It is, however, used in smaller quantities to make mask products more elastic. Also used to suspend pigments, thicken lotions and absorb oil.

Bentonite Clay Mask for SkinA clay mask made from Bentonite draws excess oils and debris to the surface of your skin, boosts circulation to tighten the skin and stimulate blood flow, and whisks away dead skin cells that can clog pores.

Bentonite Clay Mask for Hair

Bentonite clay benefits hair by effectively removing åÊproduct build-up without stripping the hair like shampoo, leaving your hair conditioned and moisturized throughout.
Shelf life- Indefinite (4-5 years recommended)

INCI: Bentonite

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