Babassu Oil


Babassu Oil is cold pressed from the kernels of babassu nuts in the Amazon River Basin. The oil is high in lauric and myristic acids and similar to coconut oil and increasingly used as a substitute in soaps and cosmetic formulations.
Babassu Oil Benefits
Babassu oil can be used as in a wide range of cosmetics including but not limited to soap, lip balms, lotions, creams, and hair products. Although babassu is semi-solid at room temperature, it melts on contact with skin. It's a super emollient which leaves a very pleasant feeling on skin and hair. It quickly absorbs into the skin and hair without leaving a greasy feel. A great emollient that is gently moisturizing for dry and oily skin and doesn't create an oily sheen. It can also be used to provide a protective barrier against the climate and pollution and leaves the skin soft. It can also be used on any skin type.
Babassu Oil Benefits for Hair
Babassu oil contains glucosides, vitamins, and minerals that help soften hair and makes it supple.  It's believed to nourish, aid with moisture, and restore hair strength and elasticity. Giving you shiny, healthy looking hair. 
Babassu Oil for Soap Making
Babassu oil produces a great lather and creates a hard bar of soap.  It can be used as a substitute for coconut oil for soapmakers seeking alternatives to coconut oil. 
Shelf Life - 12-24 months, store in an airtight container away from direct sunlight. With high levels of saturated fatty acids, the oil is slow to become rancid.
INCI- Orbignya Oleifera
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