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Simple 2 Ingredient Body Butter Recipe July 21, 2015 00:05 86 Comments

 Making a body butter doesn't require lots of different ingredients.  It's really as simple or complex as you desire. Typically you find body butters with other additives such as cornstarch and arrowroot powder to help with the oily after effect, but quite honestly those things aren't necessary.  Having a great combination of butters and oils will prevent a greasy butter and give you an amazing body butter.  For this tutorial we're using 2 simple ingredients for a wonderful skin loving product. 


For this recipe we'll make 10 oz. to keep the percentages easy.

80% mango butter - 8 oz.

20% avocado oil - 2 oz.

fragrance is optional 

4 Simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Mix the butter and oils together and melt (using a double boiler or microwave).

Step 2: Place the bowl in the refrigerator to solidify a little.  Notice the sides are a little solid but there's still liquid in the center. 

Step 3: After removing it from the refrigerator mix using a mixer. I use a kitchen aid, but a hand mixer will work. Mix until it's light and fluffy.

Step 4: After mixing you can place it in a container and it's ready to use.