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Cupuacu and Shea Body Butter Recipe January 17, 2016 23:33 132 Comments

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During the last live video tutorial, I made Cupuacu Shea Body Butter. As promised I wanted to break down the steps and give a picture tutorial of each step. For frequently asked questions about making body butters click here. 

Body Butter is probably one of the easiest beauty products Cupuacu Shea Body Butteryou can make. In a few simple steps you have created a great way to soften and moisturize your skin. It's particularly helpful during the winter when dry skin can be hard to deal with. As I discussed during the video below you can choose from a plethora of butters and oils to make a product that suits your needs. For this project, I used the following:  You can also purchase the kit to make your own Cupuacu and Shea Body Butter Kit

4 oz. Shea Butter

3 oz. Cupuacu Butter

1 oz. Avocado Oil

1 oz. Macadamia Nut Oil 

.9 oz. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

.1 oz. Fragrance Oil/Essential Oil

 Step #1 - Weigh butters (using a digital scale is best for weighing all items)

how to make body butter

how to make body butter

Step #2 - Weigh oils


 Step #3 - Melt butters and oils together in microwave or using a double boiler 

Step #4 - Place in the refrigerator or freezer until the mixture is partially solidified as in the image below. Careful not to introduce water into the product since no preservative is necessary. If adding fragrance oil or essential oil add it after it's removed from the refrigerator. 

How to make body butter

Step #5 - Mix using a hand mixer and Kitchen Aid or stand mixer.  Mix until it's light and fluffy. The amount of time will vary depending on the type of mixture used.

  How to make Whipped Body Butter

Step #6 - Place in a container and it's ready to use. You can package it in glass or plastic containers with a lid to keep water and moisture away from the butter.

How to make body butter


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Cupuacu Butter Benefits February 27, 2015 23:29 13 Comments

Imagine a fruit that has moisturizing effects, helps with dry skin, and makes your hair feel like butter.  If you guessed 
cupuacu butter, you're correct!  If I had to choose a top 5 list of butters cupuacu would definitely be very high on the list.
What Is Cupuacu Butter?
Cupuacu butter (pronounced koo-poo-ah-soo) grows on the cupuacu fruit tree in the Amazon Rainforest.  The butter is extracted from the seeds and ends up being a soft solid that absorbs into your skin immediately upon contact. One amazing property of cupuacu butter is its capacity to absorb water.  It contains phytosterols that operate at the cellular level to regulate water balance and activities in the superficial layer of the skin. For this reason cupuacu butter is highly recommended for skin disorders to aid in the healing process.


Cupuacu Butter Benefits

Cupuacu Butter comes from a cupuacu fruit tree of the chocolate family, native to the northern Amazon.  Cupuacu improves the appearance prematurely aging and thinning skin while being a superior moisturizer with great water absorption. It offers high levels of essential fatty acids, which with its rich phytosterols, help the appearance of your skin's elasticity and overall appearance of your skin. Cupuacu's incredible creaminess promotes a special softness and smoothness to your skin to boosts natural moisture and help your skin appear more elastic.

Cupuacu has been used in Brazil for many centuries as a food to make ice cream, juices, and sweets. For cosmetic used it can be used in creams, lotions, lip balms, soaps, hair products, and a variety of other cosmetic uses. In addition, it can be used alone for cosmetic purposes. Cupuacu has an earthy cocoa aroma but the smell can vary based on personal preferences. 

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How Do I Use Cupuacu Butter?
Cupuacu butter is awesome when used alone, no other items added.  However, adding other items can give your final product a boost when all of the natural goodies are mixed together. When using cupuacu butter alone rub it between your hands to melt and apply to your hair or skin. In case you want to add cupuacu to your cosmetic creations, use the following percentages as a guide:
Lotions/Creams:  2-20%
Hair Conditioners: 2-10%
Handmade Soap: 2-10%
Salves: 5-100%
Go ahead and create an wonderful product using our Cupuacu Butter.  If you have any questions about how to formulate your product with cupuacu butter, just let us know.  Happy Making!