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Body Butter FAQ's

How long do body butters last?                                                                               

Body butters can last anywhere from 6-12 months with proper care. Keep butters in a closed container away from moisture and water.

Do I need to add a preservative to my body butter?                 

Synthetic preservatives aren't necessary since body butters are made without water. What types of oils and butters can I use to make body butters? You can use any natural oils and butters to make body butters.  Why is my body butter so greasy?

Typically body butters are greasy because too much oil was added to the butter. Keep in mind butters are basically oils with longer carbon chains which effect the texture (oil vs. butter). If you add too much oil or use oils that don't absorb easily into the skin the body butter will have a greasy feel.

Do I have to add cornstarch to cut down on the greasy feel?                                Adding cornstarch can help with the greasy feel but formulating the body butter correctly should eliminate the need to add cornstarch for greasiness. 

Why does my body butter get stiff after whipping?                  

After the initial whipping your body butter will have the consistency of cake batter. After a few hours the butter will deflate and the air will settle. The butter will still be whipped, but not as fluffy as the initial time you whipped. A lot of the texture depends on the type of mixture used as well. A mixing device with more power (Kitchen Aid stand mixer) will create a better texture than a hand mixer.

How do I know how much butter and oil to add?

The body butter is made based on total weight and percentages. Typically I use a 70/30 or 60/40 percentage mix depending on the texture of the butters. Ex. 10 oz total weight of product/70 % = 7 oz. 


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